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100% pure noni juice / drink and noni products

100% Pure Organic Noni Juice & Drink

Pure Noni Juice - Drink Made from Organic Morinda Fruit (Organic Noni Fruit)


Direct from the fruit, processed and in the bottle, no detours.

We stand to our promise: 100% natural and pure noni juice....

Our Noni Juice from ripe noni fruit that was handpicked in the pristine rain forests of a tropical South Sea paradise. It contains everything that is in the noni fruit, undiluted.

Our Noni Juice is 100% natural. We add no sugar, yeast or nutrients to the Noni during or after processing. Only white, sun ripe Noni are used. That means, harvesting must be continuous, always waiting for only the ripe fruit, unripe, green or bruised fruit is rejected.

We collect the ripe fruit from wild growing Morinda citrifolia trees. No fruit is taken from plantations. To ensure highest quality, our fruit has to measure 8º higher. If the fruit had 8 Brix, then the juice has 8 Brix unless water has been added to the juice, which would reduce the brix, or sugar has been added which would increase the brix. Both, water and sugar additions can be determined by means of analysis in a chemistry laboratory.

We do not buy raw juice or noni powder, we mix no water into the juice and no other fruit juice, we do not use frozen fruit, we do not use puree.

The best raw material is just good enough for our customers.

The table below contains statistical analysis of the data, including primary and secondary application that Dr. Solomon obtained from surveying more than 40 doctors and other health professionals who had taken noni and/or given it to over 8,000 patients.
Condition Number of people who took Noni for the condition % were helped by Noni  
Allergy 851 85%
Arthritis 673 80%
Blood Pressure 721 87%
Building Muscle 709 71%
Cancer   847 67%
Depression 781 77%
Diabetes 1 & 2 2,434 83%
Digestive Problems 1,509 89%
Fuzzy Thinking 301 89%
Heart Disease 1,058 80%
Kidney Problems 2,127 66%
Low Energy 7,931 91%
Mental Clarity 2,538 73%
Obesity 2,638 72%
Pain 3,785 87%
Respiratory 2,727 78%
Sleep Problems 1,148 72%
Smoking 447 58%
Stress 3,273 71%
Stroke 983 58%
Suboptimal Sex 1,545 88%
Well Being 3,716 79%
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