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Properties of Noni Juice

Properties of noni juice

Noni Juice rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients, for a variety of medicinal applications...


Native to the South Pacific islanders, Noni is a shrub or small tree, known scientifically as Morinda citrifolia, that bears potato-size fruit that is white or yellow when ripe.

It's an ancient belief that the noni plant has incredible healing capabilities. The most common byproduct from the noni fruit is Noni Juice. Noni Juice rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients, for a variety of medicinal applications. Modern research has confirmed some of noni juice's health benefits.

What is Noni Juice? What is Noni Drink? What is Morinda Citrifolia (Juice)?

Internal Uses

Ingested internally, Noni Juice is an alternative medicine used to treat inner-body aliments. It is a folk remedy believed to have healing properties. Medicinally, noni juice can be used to treat aches and pains because of its alkaloid properties.

Function of the pineal gland is improved with the use of noni juice. Noni juice helps to normalize blood and sugar levels. Internal uses include: digestion aid, treatment for intestinal parasites, and to assist with respiratory problems, such as congestive cough and chest colds.

External Uses

Noni Juice is not limited to internal healing; the noni fruit and juice aid in treating skin conditions include ulcers, wounds, ring worms, boils, scalp conditions and sores. The bark and leaves are liquidated to treat tumors and broken bones.

Beneficial to the Human Body

Noni juice contains photo-chemicals, macronutrients and micronutrients that are beneficial to human health. Noni Juice is full of antioxidants that boost the immune system. Noni juice aids in cellular health by opening up the cells so they can better receive nutrients. Because of the high potassium levels, Noni Juice should be taken with precaution. It is a alterative medicine used to treat depression and anxiety. Organic noni juice is a natural way of helping the body to relieve stress.

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