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Cons of Noni Juice

Cons of Noni Juice

Cons of Morinda Citrifolia (Noni) Fruit Drink


Noni Juice is extracted from the noni fruit and ingested as a health tonic, meant to aid in pain relief and used as a general health tonic. As with any medication or supplement.

What is Noni Juice? What is Noni Drink? What is Morinda Citrifolia (Juice)?

Diabetes-Related Side Effects

Noni juice has a very high glucose content. People who have diabetes should take care and keep sugar and glucose levels monitored when ingesting noni juice because, as with some other types of fruit, consumption of noni may cause gluocose levels in the body to peak. People with diabetes may still enjoy the benefits of drinking noni juice, but should consult with their physician before consumption. Also, some commercial brands of noni juice contain more additives than others; noni juice consumers should compare the nutrition information of their brand of noni juice to several other brands, to find the one with the least amount of added sugar.


Some consumers of noni juice have reported that, after several days of taking the juice daily, they have developed coughing fits. If coughing persists after days of drinking noni juice, the amount consumed should be decreased until the cough goes away.

Heavy Menstruation

Female consumers of noni juice sometimes experience an increase in menstrual flow. This side effect does not appear in all female consumers of the supplement, but appears as a result of the body's reaction to noni juice. If this symptom occurs, female noni juice consumers should immediately consult a physician and limit the amount of noni juice that is consumed.

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